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HubSpot Service Hub Implementation

Build a delightful customers, and continuously drive word of mouth, all without disrupting current customers. 

The success of your Service Automation Platform greatly depends on how it is implemented. With Nobis Link as your trusted implementation partner in the HubSpot ecosystem, you can be confident in achieving your goals effectively.

If you need assistance with a new implementation or migrating to HubSpot, reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.


"Super easy to work with... takes time to understand our goals and put together the plan to accomplish this. "


Sean M. GloveBox


Introducing the Service Hub

HubSpot's Service Hub serves as both a powerful service automation platform and customer relationship management platform (CRM), specifically designed to elevate your business's ability to deliver exceptional service experiences to your valued customers.

Considered the cornerstone of your service team's technological arsenal, a properly set up and well-maintained Service Hub lays the foundation for creating a VIP treatment for your customers.

However, a poorly implemented Service Hub can lead to subpar customer experiences and missed opportunities for response. That's why it's absolutely crucial to partner with a knowledgeable implementation expert, like Aptitude 8, who possesses an in-depth understanding of the platform and can tailor it to perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Onboarding vs. Implementation

When it comes to onboarding, you'll get a ready-made package of features and training to help you get started with the software.

Implementation, on the other hand, takes customization to a whole new level. By tailoring HubSpot to your specific business needs, you can create custom properties, objects, and even automate services that align perfectly with your operations.

This means you can skip the months (or even years) of trying to figure out and customize a new system on your own. Instead, you'll be able to hit the ground running because an expert has already done all the heavy lifting for you.


Our implementation process


Solutions design

We initiate your implementation process by conducting a comprehensive discovery and design phase. During this phase, we engage in interviews with key stakeholders within your organization to gain a deep understanding of your business and the specific wants and needs you have for your HubSpot instance. Our aim is to validate the feasibility of your requirements and inform you of any existing limitations, while also providing effective workarounds. Additionally, we create a visually appealing gantt chart that showcases your project timeline and deliverables, ensuring a clear and organized approach to your implementation journey.

Account setup

Once Solutions Design is complete, you will have access to a team of experts who have extensive experience in various migrations and implementations. They possess a deep understanding of your goals and the technology you are transitioning from. This team will assist you in the initial setup of HubSpot, ensuring that you do not overlook any crucial settings or features along the way.

Your account setup encompasses the following:

  • Creating users & teams
    • Provide the right access to everyone
  • Configuring your service pipelines
    • Ticket pipeline stages and required fields
  • Migrating and auditing support docs
    • Snippets, guides, knowledge base
  • Calendar and email integrations
    • Automate activity capture and two-click meeting scheduling

Custom data migration

HubSpot's default data structure may not be a perfect fit for everyone, but fortunately, HubSpot offers endless possibilities. We guarantee that any data you need to bring over will find its rightful place in HubSpot's platform.

Your migration could include:

  • Custom properties
    • To effectively monitor vital business information that exceeds the limitations of default properties
  • Custom objects
    • Examples like resellers, suppliers, parts, machines, assets, and more! 
  • Associations
    • To visually illustrate connections between objects and accurately categorize those connections
  • Ticket stages & pipelines
    • To accurately depict the various stages and processes involved in delivering exceptional service to your valued customers.


Having a robust tech stack necessitates seamless data flow across platforms. Our team will guarantee that all your systems are interconnected, enabling you to utilize synchronized data effectively in your marketing efforts.

  • ERP or payments platform
  • Service software like Zendesk or 
  • Custom integrations

Knowledge base & support

Let our team seamlessly migrate your current knowledge base and support documentation into HubSpot’s solutions. Experience the ease of managing everything in one place and ensure a consistently smooth customer experience that is never interrupted.

Allow us to assist you in seamlessly migrating the following:

  • Email templates & snippets
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Product guides and one-pagers
  • Workflows

Reporting & Dashboards

Measurement is the key to improvement. Our team will create personalized reports and dashboards to ensure your team remains compliant with SLA requirements and gains valuable insights for continuous enhancement. 

  • SLA Management
  • Capacity & tim to resolve
  • NPS & CSAT
  • Custom reporting

Training & enablement

Understanding how your team can effectively navigate our new platform is essential for achieving success. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive guidance, explaining the setup we have tailored for you, clarifying your expectations, and demonstrating the seamless functionality of every feature.

  • Expert trainers
  • Train the trainers
  • End user sessions
  • Hands-on exercises
Our key values are simplicity, trust & empathy. Those are our secret ingredients in every endeavor we start.

A CRM implementation plan

Our implementation plan outlines exactly how we will set up your CRM, drive revenue growth, and support you the whole way



Build the framework of your CRM based on your business goals and embed a great customer experience throughout your business. 



Drive prospects through a scientifically designed customer experience that drives more engagement, happier customers and more revenue.



We are always by your side as you're growing. Whether it's keeping up with the latest sprint, or an adhoc support issue. Use your dedicated support portal to manage ongoing tickets and connect with your specialist.