Extending HubSpot for Merchant services

Paystri uses HubSpot to onboard new merchants with their baked to perfection payment solutions. Extending their HubSpot portal to submit new merchants directly from within the deal record has dramatically reduced their sales cycle.

About the client

Paystri is a full-service, integrated payment acceptance and technology provider with unparalleled omnichannel customer support. They have innovative payment technologies that has helped their merchants grow their business in ways they didn't even realize.

About the project

Extending HubSpot for merchant servicing

Paystri has used HubSpot for years, however with other technologies users were having to do a lot of  duplicate entry.

Created a tech & data framework

During our discovery process we reviewed the merchant creation and submission process. Here we outlined the technology and data framework.

Designed key processes for merchant services

We designed a full high-fidelity prototype using Figma to show exactly how the HubSpot extensions will work.

Built out HubSpot extensions

Using an agile framework and sprints we developed the HubSpot extensions within a HubSpot sandbox environment.

User training and support

We created full user documentation and provided training so all users understood how to use it. Then we launched!
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